Ideal for a cost conscious fitness facility, the Matrix G1 Strength Series provides the value to outfit your facility with the variety of equipment your members are seeking. The classic styling of benches and racks are easily accessible for both experienced and aspiring members alike, and every piece will stand up to heavy daily use for many years.

Matrix Strength Brochure
Matrix G1 FW151 Flat Bench
Matrix G1 FW152 Adjustable Decline Bench
Matrix G1 FW163 Adjustable bench
Matrix G1 FW155 Preacher Bench
Matrix G1 FW156 Utility bench
Matrix G1 FW157 Weight Tree
Matrix G1 FW162 Back Extension
Matrix G1 FW159 10 Pair Dumbell Rack
Matrix G1 FW160 Barbell Rack
Matrix G1 FW161 Smith Machine
Matrix G1 FW163 Olympic Flat Bench
Matrix G1 FW164 Olympic Incline Bench
Matrix G1 FW165 Olympic Decline Bench