Bring your vision of fitness to life — Versa is the most versatile Matrix strength series and gives you the options to build a strength training area that fits a limited space yet meets the needs of your members. The Versa Series incorporates advanced biomechanics for a natural, smooth, efficient workout experience.

Versa pin loaded strength equipment features electronic time and rep counters, phone and towel holder, action specific grips to reduce pressure on contact points, and gas assisted seat adjustors.

Matrix Strength Brochure
Matrix Versa S13 Converging Chest press
Matrix Versa S23 Converging Shoulder Press
Matrix Versa S33 Diverging Lat Pulldown
Matrix Versa S34 Diverging Seated Row
Matrix Versa S40 Bicep Curl
Matrix Versa S42 Tricep Press
Matrix Versa S52 back Extension
Matrix Versa S53 Abdominal
Matrix Versa S70 Leg Press/Calf Press
Matrix Versa S71 Leg Extension
MatriX Versa S72 Leg Extension
Matrix Versa S78 Glute